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Molly Crockett, Lab Director

Dr Molly Crockett is Associate Professor of Experimental Psychology, Fellow of Jesus College, and Distinguished Research Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics, University of Oxford. She holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Cambridge and a BSc in Neuroscience from UCLA. Prior to joining Oxford, Dr Crockett worked with economists and neuroscientists at the University of Zürich and University College London, studying human decision-making with the support of a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship.


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Andreas Kappes, Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Andreas Kappes is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Psychology and Neuroscience of Altruism, a Uehiro Centre research project, in collaboration with the Department of Experimental Psychology, and funded by the Wellcome Trust. He holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Hamburg. Prior to joining Oxford, he worked with psychologists and neuroscientists at the New York University and the University College London, studying human self-regulation and decision-making, funded by the German Research Foundation.


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Dr Nadira S. Faber is a Research Fellow at the Department of Experimental Psychology, funded by the Oxford Martin School. She closely collaborates with the Crockett Lab and the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. Nadira did a BSc/MSc, a 3-year PhD, and a 3-year PostDoc in experimental social psychology. She does interdisciplinary research with collaborators from psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience focussing on human cooperation and helping, and on cognitive enhancement.

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Jim A.C. Everett is an ESRC-funded PhD student in the Department of Experimental Psychology and a Research Associate at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. Jim is also an Oxford veteran, having obtained both his BA in Psychology, Philosophy, and Physiology and his MSc in Psychological Research at Oxford, gaining distinctions in both.  Jim has recently returned from a research visit at Yale University. He works primarily on human morality and parochial altruism.


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jenifer siegel, phd STUDENT

Jenifer Siegel is a PhD student in the Department of Experimental Psychology and postgraduate student of Magdalen College, Oxford. She holds an M.Sc in Clinical Neuroscience from University College London and a B.A in Psychology from McGill University. Jenifer studies the neural basis of moral learning and decision-making with the support of a Wellcome Trust PhD Studentship and Oxford Clarendon Scholarship.


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Annayah Prosser, Research Assistant

Annayah is a final year undergraduate student studying BSc Psychology at the University of Bath. She recently completed a year-long placement with us as Lab Manager. She is now a continuing research assistant on the Transformative Experience project. Her thesis involves understanding how individuals conceptualise transformative experiences, and examines the relationship between discrete types of transformation and subsequent prosocial behaviour. 


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Anne-marie neise, msc student

Anne-Marie is an MSc student in the Department of Experimental Psychology and a member of University College, supported by the German National Academic Foundation. She has obtained a BSc in Psychology as well as a BSc in Economics from the University of Heidelberg (Germany). According to her interest in these subjects’ intersection and her general curiosity about philosophical matters, Anne-Marie is focusing particularly on uncertainty’s role in prosocial behaviour.


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Mary montgomery, research assistant

Mary Montgomery is a continuing graduate research assistant in the lab, studying economic and moral decision-making in a variety of settings. Having obtained her BA in Psychology and Philosophy at St Hilda’s College in Oxford, Mary is interested in marrying neurological evidence with ethical theory; exploring how people make altruistic choices, and how these can most efficiently help those in need.



Elisa van der Plas is a visiting MSc student from the University of Amsterdam. She holds a BSc in psychobiology and is currently doing an MSc in Brain and Cognitive Science. During her BSc, Elisa obtained a minor in biology and philosophy at the University of Costa Rica, where she became passionate about environmental politics. During her stay in the Crockett Lab she will focus primarily on computational models of moral decision-making.


Nicholas sabin, postdoctoral fellow

Dr Nicholas Sabin is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, in collaboration with the Department of Experimental Psychology.  He holds a DPhil and MSc (Distinction) from the Saïd Business School, BSc in Economics from the Wharton School, and BSE in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.  Dr Sabin integrates economics, psychology, and sociology to study financial behaviour and poverty alleviation.  Prior to Oxford, he served as a microfinance Kiva Fellow in Sierra Leone.